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Quartz is semi-precious mineral. The occurrence in the form of stone massifs is rarely and exceptionally. It can be obtained for the decoration of spaces and objects only with the highest value. With the touch and the brilliance of the glass, with the value and the timelessness of a jewel, those are the singular attributes of the quartz stone. This is only possible because innovation combines with nature creation, providing an unprecedented stone.



Quartz is an essential constituent in most igneous and metamorphic stones, and since it is chemically and physically resistant, it is commonly concentrated during the sedimentary process to form sand and sandstone. The main quartz occurrences are the massive veins, generated from the Precambrian to Silurian Period, the genetic history related to deepest igneous stones, like granites. The quartz is coarse-textured, milky, with different colors, due to the metal impregnations.



When we need permanence, enduring color and texture, and no question freedom from deterioration and maintenance, the quartz has prime requirements. This stone has high hardness and chemically resistant, which are well-deserved attributes to quartz. Quartz is highly heat, scratch and stain resistant.



  • Abrasion Resistance: Low
  • Stain Resistance: Moderate
  • Chemical Sensitivity: High
  • Frost and Heat Resistant: Low
  • UV Resistant: Moderate


Blocks and slabs vary in appearance and dimension. As this is natural stone, all pictures are a rough guide.

Quarzo Rosa