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Smooth and beautiful, marble has a timeless elegance. Marble can take on a delightful range of hues and textures. Few stones can match the warm glow, the softly flowing colors, the timelessness, and the authenticity of marble. There’s good reason this stone has been used for over 5,000 years.


Exterior Floor: Yes
Facade: Yes
Interior Floor: Yes
Interior Cladding: Yes
Bathroom: Yes
Fireplace: Yes
Furniture: Yes
Kitchen Countertop: No
Backlit applications: No


Marble is more porous, softer and less resistant when compared to granite. It is especially vulnerable to household acids like vinegar, mustard, catsup, citrus and numerous food-related products. Acidic substances can cause etching when they come into contact with marble. This chemical reaction removes marble’s natural and stunning polish.

Most liquids, if wiped up quickly, won’t stain marble. But liquids left unattended lying on marble for extended periods of time can leave a lasting stain scar. Like granite, marble needs to be sealed regularly.  But with the right sealant and regular care, marble can stand the test of time and overcome its porosity.


Abrasion Resistance: Low
Stain Resistance: Moderate
Chemical Sensitivity: High
Frost and Heat Resistant: Low
UV Resistant: Moderate

Blocks and slabs vary in appearance and dimension. As this is natural stone, all pictures are a rough guide.

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